Kaaba gift box model for Abu Dhabi Police department 4

Recently, my friends at Medad contacted me to design a box model which looks like The Kaaba (The Holy Primordial House in Makkah). The intentions were to fill this box model with sweets and distribute to returning pilgrimages from Saudi Arabia as a welcome back gift from Abu Dhabi Police department.

The project felt quite simple for an instance with quickly ideas of fetching Kaaba’s dimensions from internet, use 1:100 scale, create similar box design and paint the box black with gold stripes on it as Kaaba. In fact, not that easy with just these steps to complete a simple box model and especially when it includes a special entity i.e. Kaaba and when it has to be distributed as gift.

The first thing that includes the complex design is the door of Kaaba. The door has complex patterns of Islamic designs, verses and other Arabic text written in descent calligraphy. First thing to think, let’s escape the complex design as why would one need it on a small box but the competition with other ~ 400 designs can not make you escape it in order to provide an integral model in the end. Also taking this model in long term that receiving people can have it as gifted artwork in their homes.

So I started with conventional box design with black and gold colours. Then proceeded to circles, cubes and Islamic patterns. To be more precise that while I did not want to use the Quranic verses and other text on it as well as the covering cloth, Islamic patterns do come handy as an alternative to this. Even though its a small design it matters or should I say that every detail matters.

Stay tuned as I will post the design phases up to final design in my portfolio as soon as I am done.

Arfan Sohaib aKa So Sunny

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Nice work brother

  2. Ahmed says:

    when u finish this design???

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