Bogly Show Ep.5 Shoot Behind the Scene – Day 3 0

Last day of the shoot and inside studio most work to be done on green screen and studio lighting. For once it seems a regular job but there are always certain things to consider and be aware of; and if these are not taken seriously then whole team might end up shooting from scratch. Keeping in mind the famous idiom phrase – haste makes waste.

So, it has always been thought to be on the safe side and do a test shoot for instant checks and then proceed to complete shoot rather regret post all the hard work. I would actually make it a particular case suggestion when using a DSLR for shooting e.g. we use Canon 5D Mark II or any other EOS full frame Full HD camera.

So the main points or suggestions to be noted for DOP from this day’s experience are:

  1. Set up green screen or in case using a cloth as budgeted solution then always iron it and avoid having hard edges.
  2. Lit the screen equally, proportionally and properly i.e. Screen colour must appear equal on every side.
  3. Use clips to tight the clothes in order to make it straight and get rid of wrinkles appearing due to softness.
  4. Always follow the histogram to best outcome. Other option to consider is to use the Magic Lantern.
  5. Never shoot with under or over exposed scene as it will just make your work load either double or repetitive.
  6. For best keying output, use Keylight plug-in by The Foundry bundled with Adobe After Effects CS3 or use free “Blender 3D 2.64“.
  7. Never use a reflective material as screen always works best as matt.

Here is a short video demonstrating the keying process with Keylight plug-in and its usage in Hollywood.

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