Bogly Show Ep.5 Behind the Scene – Day 2 0

Day 2: Everyone is tired and sleepy from day one but the enthusiasm to complete the shoot keeps everyone going. The second day shoot was to be done in a hospital.

Bogly is a comedy show in its own unique way. Even every single moment in behind the scenes(BTS) is a moment of fun activity. Now we had the arrangements completed to use a hospital and an ambulance that you will soon know why. The trickiest part was expecting an act from ambulance operator and male nurses since they were not some regular paid actors but the real operator and nurses. But nonetheless they did an amazing job.

There were similar issues which we faced on day one outside shoot during night time. One of unwanted noises during the shoot in such situation is the power generator that definitely is required in order to run the equipments and believe me that it produces a lot of unwanted noise. Second obstacle we faced was the location which was an under construction site which ended up with dirt all over the cameras, crew and most of other equipments.

We used two sources of studio white light to lit the passage and the area from where patient was going to be taken into emergency. Bull Khatib from Zero Gravity Middle-East was acting as a patient and Rocky from Zero Gravity Middle-East was helping us out with security and equipment safety as we complete out shoot inside and outside of the hospital.

Their were some areas where some of crew members had to act as a human tripod so our director Tariq Al Hosani had to actually sit on the patient’s legs to get that certain shot which you will notice in patient scene. 😛 A couple of funny moments during the shoot where in one scene, some people in hospital actually believed that the emergency scenario was real with a real patient and second scene it was the doctor who informs father with some bad news and that bad news actually made the whole crew laugh out loud and rolling on floor. Well, the shoot came to an end after an interview with the hospital marketing manager.

Here are the list of crew members involved in the show.

The Zero Gravity Team

  • Tariq Al Hosani aKa Mr. T
  • Bara khatib aKa Bull
  • Arfan Sohaib aKa So Sunny
  • Obaid aKa Rocky
  • Amir

Bogly Show

  • Darwaish Al Hamadi
  • Usman Al Hamadi
  • Ibrahim
  • Jasim
  • Rehan and friends

Paid Actors

  • Marry
  • Madam :p

I really hope that you all will enjoy the 5th episode of Bogly Show.

– Arfan
Director of Photography
Bogly Show
Zero Gravity Middle-East

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