Bogly Show Ep.5 Behind the Scene – Day 1 0

Well, we have already started shooting our 5th episode for Bogly Show after the success of 4th episode gaining 69000 views in just two weeks on YouTube.

This time the writer Darwaish Al Hamadi came up with a greater message of which everyone will know about after the release of the 5th episode. (Don’t rush it :P).

Shoot started at Jasim’s house and went fine. It was a new experience making a couple fighting and 5000 Dhs marriage, crazy things happens at Bogly. The main challenge which we haven’t faced before was shooting in a haunted school at middle of the night with zero light and a very high generator sound to get our equipments running, The most crazy part that this place was so creepy and horrifying that even a grown man would fear to visit that kind of place in day light and we went there to shoot a witchcraft scene at mid night with literally breaking into that place to just entertain our viewers. 😛

Shooting went amazing as some of our best actors put their best in it including Amir, Darwaish, and Farhan. These guy gave life to a really sensitive topic. We ended up shooting approximately 6 in the morning.

What I learned being the DOP in this shoot that using Canon 5D Mark 2 with one light diffused to minimum can make some features get really critical. Focusing, keeping a low ISO and keeping camera protected from smoke and other accidents were also other part of this experience. But soon you guys will be able to watch this all work so just hold on to it. Soon you will be able to enjoy Bogly Show Episode 5.

You can visit ZeroGravityME website and select the Bogly Show category to watch the previous episodes.

– Arfan
Director of Photography
Bogly Show
Zero Gravity Middle-East

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